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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Lou of Hunters Designs (which I will be blogging about sometime in the next couple days) tagged me.

Here are the rules:

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Fact #1 - I used to be very shy and quiet, to the point that I barely spoke to anyone at school, etc. I'm the total opposite these days.

Fact #2 - I'm a shrimp - 5'2". These days I seem to be growing horizontally rather than vertically. :oP

Fact #3 - I once took Wilton cake decorating classes. I LOVE the "Ace of Cakes" show, and still think sculpting with fondant is very similar to sculpting with polymer clay.

Fact #4 - I secretly (well not anymore I guess) lust after Jake Gyllenhaal, who is not a whole lot older than my son. But then again I was a child bride the first time around. ;o) But can you blame me? Look at him!

Besides, I believe age is just a number and a state of mind and I'm all for May/December romances. (I believe that more and more with each passing year. LOL) Pretty bad though when your (at the time, she's 16 now) 12 year old daughter's friend offers to cut pics of Jake out of her teen magazine to give to you. Which leads me to fact #5....

Fact #5 - I don't intend to age gracefully. I love rock, alternative rock, some heavy metal, etc. I intend to be like Tina Turner and still be rocking well into my 60's. :o) (I've got quite a few years to go til I'm there though!) So far, thank goodness people always seem to think I'm too young to have kids the ages they are. The day they don't blink an eye when I say their ages is the day I worry. LOL

Fact #6 - I believe in the Law of Attraction. I could tell you some amazing stories.

Fact #7 - I have a major thing for Scottish and Irish accents - though I don't think accent is the right word. Must be my Irish/Scottish bloodlines. :o)

OK my turn to tag 7 people:

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