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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I've last updated my blog. I've been going in a variety of directions, trying to enjoy summer vacation with my daughter, amongst other things.

I am working on the sculpting tutorial, but finding it slow going for sure. There are hundreds of recognized dog breeds, so of course I can't even begin to scratch the surface in attempting to explain how to sculpt them all. So I am focusing my first tutorial on the basics of sculpting some of the longhaired breeds like Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzus, etc.

I've developed my own techniques over time to aid me in sculpting many different breeds, but what works for me may or may not make sense to or work for someone else. Also I don't always use the same techniques for the same breed. So it's making writing the tutorial an interesting challenge. I'm really just going to try to break it down to basics so someone reading the tutorial can get started but also develop what works best for them.

The tutorial will focus on sculpting flat pieces, just the heads and necks of the dogs, for use as pins, pendants, ornaments, etc.

Other than that, I've been on kind of a break from sculpting for ebay or anything. But now I'm gearing up to do some holiday pieces for Halloween and Christmas. My favorite!

And my daughter and I are looking forward to the Coldplay concert this weekend! WOO HOO!

I'll try to update again soon!

Recently sold Maltese pendant


cathy said...

Oh wow, you are going to Coldplay? I'm so jealous!
Good to see you back. I missed your posts. Glad you are working on the tutorial. Are you going to make it into a PDF? I'll probably buy one even though I've been sculpting dogs for years. We can always learn new tips from eachother.
Oh Ginny, can you change my blog link: cathy's creations musings from the studio? I closed that blog & started a new one that I'm actually writing on almost every day. It's getting addictive! But I need to focus it more on business like you do. Mine is all over the place. My new one is

Debbie said...

Hi Ginny, Thanks for still trying to do a tutorial...I for one really appreciate it. A sheltie would be a nice one to start on... ;) When you do it, are you going to sell the tutorial on eBay or something or try to get it published in Polymer Cafe? a book would be a nice idea as well......ggg....I'm just getting back to work after a surgery...I'll try to buy one of your pieces soon!!!
PS i put you on my blog list on my blog...........

Ginny Baker said...

Hi Cathy!

Oh boy, well I don't mean to rub it in, but the concert was awesome! ;o) If you ever get the chance to go see them, do it!

Yes I'm planning on doing the tutorial as a pdf, if I ever get the thing done. :oP Figured that was the best way to distribute it.

Changed the link to your blog. :o)

I just updated again and I decided to use some themes so I will blog more regularly too.

I was thinking I should have more of a mix of business and personal. LOL

Good to hear from you!

Ginny Baker said...

Hi Debbie,

Well I was figuring it would be better to try to offer tutorials that focused on several breeds together, and thinking that way, longhaired breeds like some of the Toys - Yorkies, Maltese, Shih Tzus, Lhasas, etc. have enough similarities to make that possible. Maybe one day I'll get around to shelties. ;o)

The tutorials will be available in pdf for purchase through probably ebay and my website, if I ever get around to getting THAT updated!

I would LOVE to do a full book, but through my dealings in the past with craft book publishers, I know this would be the type of book they feel is targeted towards a very narrow group, and because of that, to them anyway, would be less of a big seller as others they could potentially publish.

I'm looking into self-publishing though and if it seems feasible, may do something on my own in the future. :o)

Hope you're recovering quickly from your surgery and feeling better with each passing day!


Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I've done the same with your blog.