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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


What's on my worktable today? Some custom orders and some adorable glass pumpkin jars I am covering with clay:

But what's on my list of things to do is growing longer by the day. Being a self-employed artist, we do it all - creating the art, photographing it, editing the photos, uploading the photos, writing up the ads, listing items for sale, wrapping, packing, shipping, billing, bookeeping, customer service, creating the website, promoting the art, and on and on it goes. I love what I do but it does get a bit daunting at times when you add on the responsibilities of being a mom, running a household, etc. I get tired just thinking about it all!

I've been enjoying working on the Halloween items. It's one of my favorite holidays to design for. Here's a cute little candy jar project I did for a magazine a couple years ago:


cathy said...

AHHH, that's such a cute little bat jar Ginny. And I can't wait to see what you do with the pumpkin jars!

Ginny Baker said...

Thanks so much Cathy! I don't know about those pumpkin jars though. I forgot what a royal pain in the pants it is to cover curved pieces of glass like that!! Blah! May have to come up with something else for them instead.